Where to find a Switch right now

Want to save on other electronics or browse some early sales before the big event? Check out these first Amazon Prime Day deals.

If you are a gamer, the nintendo switch ($300), Nintendo Switch Lite ($200) or premium Nintendo Switch OLED Model ($350) are probably at the top of your wish lists. With popular and family games like Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Great Mario Odyssey, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic and Pokémon Legends: Bowthe Switch has universal appeal and offers countless hours of limitless challenge and fun.

Due to high demand and limited availability, don’t expect to find many great deals on any of the Nintendo Switch game consoles, although they are currently in stock and readily available at most retailers, including Amazon. Although we expect more sales to appear on July 12 and 13, the actual days designated as Amazon Prime Dayyou can already save on system packs, gaming accessories and some popular game titles.

Nintendo Switch OLED model is now available on Amazon

The newest and most feature-rich Nintendo Switch OLED model is currently in stock on Amazon, but not for sale. On the plus side, if you’re an Amazon Prime member and place your order today, this premium gaming system will appear on your doorstep the same day, next day, or within two business days (depending on where you live).

This is the popular game console version you want. This model features a gorgeous 7-inch OLED display, so you can play your favorite games on the go. The system has a built-in TV mode so you can connect it to your TV, or it can be used in tabletop or portable mode.

This version of the Switch also includes upgraded speakers, 64GB of internal storage, and a wired Ethernet connection (with the docking station) to get the fastest possible response times when playing real-time multiplayer games. via Internet.

You can also find the Nintendo Switch OLED model in stock at best buy ($350), walmart ($344) and Target ($350).

Get the original Nintendo Switch from Amazon for $299

The original Nintendo Switch system continues to be extremely popular thanks to its versatility when it comes to discovering your favorite games and its attractive lower price (compared to the Nintendo Switch OLED model). This version of the console also offers TV mode, tabletop mode, and handheld mode when playing your favorite games. However, the original Switch has a 6.2-inch touchscreen, as opposed to the larger, more vibrant OLED display.

You can also pick up a brand new Nintendo Switch at best buy ($300), walmart ($300), or Target ($300), as the system is now in stock pretty much everywhere Nintendo products are sold.

Save money and play your favorite Switch games on the go

If you want to play any Nintendo Switch compatible game on the go, the Nintendo Switch Lite is the perfect game console for you. Although more affordable than the Nintendo Switch OLED model or the original Nintendo Switch, this Lite version of the game console can only be played in handheld mode. You can choose between five colors (blue, turquoise, gray, coral or yellow).

Depending on where you live, if you place your order with Amazon today and are an Amazon Prime member, your new gaming system will ship same day, next day, or two days.

The Nintendo Switch Lite is also currently in stock at best buy ($200), walmart ($218) and Target ($200), although not all colors are available at all retailers.

Nintendo Switch Accessory Deals

Although Amazon and other retailers aren’t currently offering any of the Nintendo Switch game consoles at a discount, you can already save money on Switch accessories and games. Check out some of these great deals already running for Amazon Prime Day.

A set of low cost switch accessories

This accessory bundle is compatible with the original Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch OLED model. Although not genuine Nintendo-branded accessories, this collection includes a padded carrying case, extra controllers, Joy-Con charging station, screen protector, and other useful items. Save $5 with coupon.

Get replacement Joy-Con controllers for $22 off

It’s rare to find genuine Nintendo Switch accessories on sale, but through Amazon you can buy additional Joy-Con controllers imported from Japan and save $22. Although the controllers are compatible with all original Switch and Switch OLED systems, the packaging and manual are printed in Japanese.

Upgrade to Nintendo’s Pro Controller

Switch Pro Controller Super Smash Bros Edition (Nintendo Switch)

Save $15 on an authentic Nintendo Switch Pro Controller. This one’s a special edition of Super Smash Bros., but it’ll work with any of your favorite Switch games and give you maximum control over the action. Many gamers prefer the optional Switch Pro controller instead of the Joy-Con controller that comes with the system because it feels better in your hands, offers better quality buttons, and is more precise.

Add memory

Save $15 when you purchase this optional SanDisk 128GB Memory Card for your Nintendo Switch. Not only will you significantly increase the storage space in the console, but you will also be using a memory card licensed and approved by Nintendo. That’s a bargain for this card.

Charge your Joy-Con controllers

This handy little dock lets you simultaneously charge and organize up to four Joy-Con controllers, the Switch console, and a Nintendo Switch Pro controller. Get it now for $20, a savings of 20%.

An optional case for your Switch Lite

This is a non-slip and shockproof case for the Nintendo Switch Lite designed to stay on the device at all times. Whether you’re playing your favorite games or carrying your console, your Switch Lite will be well protected. The case is available in six color options, including gray, blue, pink, black, yellow, and turquoise. Save 43% and buy it now for $13.

Amazon Prime deals on popular Switch games

Need to bolster your selection of Nintendo Switch games? Check out these games currently on sale at Amazon or Best Buy.

Dance till you save

Exercise while having fun dancing and learning fun new choreography while competing against family and friends. The game includes a free month trial of Just Dance Unlimited. Buy it now at 60% off and pay $20.

Save $10 on this mega popular kart racing game

It is one of the most popular Nintendo Switch games of all time. It features popular characters from the Super Mario Bros. series, but puts them in the driver’s seat of fast karts for a whimsical, fun, and highly competitive racing adventure.

Save $30 on this action-adventure game

Save 50% on this action-focused game that lets you take on powerful enemies while solving puzzles. This game features seven unique regions and many challenging opponents to conquer.

Kids will love this donkey kong country Game

Donkey Kong is one of Nintendo’s all-time classic characters, and he’s featured in this Nintendo Switch exclusive game, called Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Jelly. It’s a colorful jungle-based action/adventure suitable for ages 16 and under.

Relive a classic Zelda adventure

This is a remake of a classic game originally released for the Nintendo Game Boy in the 1990s. Now you can experience this action-adventure game for yourself, with all its challenges and visually appealing graphics, and save 12% when you buy from Best Buy.

Mario and Luigi are back for another adventure

Mario from Nintendo Super Mario Bros. games is perhaps the most famous character in video game history. This adventure game features the adorable plumber and his sidekick Luigi as they embark on another light and colorful adventure. This package is two separate games bundled together, and both are suitable for all ages. Get it now and save 15% at Best Buy.

It’s not a real party unless it’s a Mario party

Gamers of all ages can challenge friends and family in this classic Nintendo Switch game that features a cast of popular Nintendo characters, including Mario and Luigi. It’s loaded with over 80 mini-games for up to four players. Save 12% now at Best Buy.

Get 32% off The Legend of Zelda

The The Legend of Zelda includes some of the most compelling games ever created for any Nintendo gaming system. Experience one of these incredible adventures with stunning graphics, and save 32% off the regular price at Best Buy.

You always gotta catch ’em all

Ready to hunt Pokemon? Pokemon: Shiny Diamond– one of many installments available for Switch – is on sale for just $47 (a saving of 22%). Travel to the Sinnoh region and start collecting and battling your favorite Pokémon. Do you have what it takes to be a champion trainer?

For even more Amazon Prime Day savings opportunities, head over to our Amazon Prime Day coupons page to check out deals from some of our favorite retailers.

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