Travelodge Unveils Current Hotel Development Schedule for 2022 and 2023

Earlier this week, the UK’s second largest hotel chain, Travelodge, announced its current hotel development schedule. This includes plans to open six hotels in the UK in 2022 (including the group’s first luxury budget design hotels) and a flagship franchise hotel in Dublin, as well as the start of its program to open new hotels in 2023, with the start of the construction of four new hotels. and contracts exchanged for six other future new Travelodge hotels in the UK over the past 12 months.

Collectively, this proposed expansion in the UK would represent an investment of around £330 million by third-party investors and create around 400 new jobs.

Three of the new Travelodge hotels opening this year will feature the group’s new upscale design. Venues include two London venues at Docklands and Wimbledon and the group’s first hotel in Hexham.

The Travelodge budget-luxe design was created based on insights from the successful TravelodgePLUS budget chic format and feedback from the company’s largest consumer research – which surveyed around 5,000 UK business and leisure travelers to find the psychography of the modern budget traveler. Key findings revealed that modern travelers are looking for style, choice and cozy little touches to make it easier to work, rest and relax both inside and outside the bedroom.

In response to this consumer insight, Travelodge’s interiors team has revamped the core product with a new budget luxury design that includes all the low cost savings you expect from Travelodge, but with the added benefit a thoughtful and elegant design and warm touches throughout its interiors. This is underpinned by the introduction of a new rich navy brand color which pays homage to the Travelodge brand’s first signature blue color chosen for its soothing and uplifting qualities. Essentially all the essentials that matter to modern business and leisure travellers.

Travelodge is also developing its hotel catering business with a new modernized Bar Café concept. Six of the Travelodge hotels that will open in 2022 (including the franchise’s flagship hotel in Dublin) feature the group’s on-site restaurant. Additionally, three of the hotels under construction and scheduled to open in 2023 will also feature the group’s upgraded Bar Café restaurant. These additions will bring the group’s hotel catering portfolio to 219 locations.

The group is also continuing to roll out its much-appreciated SuperRooms, with more than half of the hotels under construction offering this premium economy room concept. The SuperRoom is the group’s premium economy room type and was the first of its kind to be launched in the UK budget hotel market in 2017. It ups the comfort factor and is designed for guests who want to choose a room more premium.

Travelodge hotel openings in 2022

In 2022, the group will open its first new construction of high-end, luxury-designed Travelodge hotels in London’s Docklands, Wimbledon and Hexham (North East).

Below are the locations of the six UK Travelodge hotels due to open in 2022: Four properties are located in London: Docklands, Lewisham, Peckham and Wimbledon, plus the group’s first hotels in Braintree (Essex) and Hexham (North East ) .

Interestingly, three of the Travelodge hotels opening this year, Braintree, London Docklands and Wimbledon, are in partnership with local authorities, with Docklands and Wimbledon being delivered under lease structures. These pioneering development deals are helping to unlock major redevelopments, creating jobs, boosting the local economy and providing a long-term revenue stream for the councils.

The group’s franchisee for Ireland, TIFCO, will also officially open its flagship 397-room Travelodge hotel in Dublin’s city center financial district.

These hotel openings will collectively expand Travelodge’s network to nearly 600 hotels in the UK, Ireland and Spain.

The four new hotel openings in London will also increase Travelodge’s presence to over 80 hotels in the capital, covering 31 of the 33 boroughs – making Travelodge one of London’s largest hotel brands.

Travelodge 2023 hotel opening program underway

Travelodge’s current development schedule also includes four hotels that have begun construction and are scheduled to open in 2023. Three of these properties also feature the new and improved Bar Café concept and SuperRooms.

Two of these hotels are located in London, in Beckenham and Bermondsey, and the other two are in Colchester and Ipswich.

Travelodge New Hotel Contract Exchanges Update

Over the past 12 months, Travelodge has also exchanged contracts to develop six other hotels with third-party investors. Pitches include:

  • Harwich
  • London Loughton/Debden
  • Norwich
  • Rotherham
  • Salisbury
  • Waltham Cross

Steve Bennett, Property and Development Director of Travelodge said“2022 marks an important milestone in the evolution of Travelodge, as we launch our new luxury Travelodge designer hotels with an upscale look and feel and expand our estate with new in-house hotels and restaurants. We are looking to continue this expansion with plans for over 75 new Travelodge hotels across the UK over the next five years, which will create around 2,000 new jobs.

“As we look to the future, the long-term outlook for budget hotels remains strong. Britain has become a nation of value-conscious travellers, more of us are choosing to stay in budget hotels than in any other type of hotel, which supports our plans to expand our hotel network. It is also an interesting time for the real estate sector, as the Covid pandemic has accelerated major changes and opened up opportunities for us opportunities to take Travelodge to new locations We are very excited about the next phase of our expansion plan, which will see us offer more choice in more places than ever before.

The table below details Travelodge’s current development schedule

Source: Travelodge
Source: Travelodge

About Travelodge

Travelodge has been a pioneer in the UK hospitality industry since opening the UK’s first budget hotel in 1985 and once again it is evolving by launching a new premium luxury hotel design while maintaining its proposition great value prizes.

This is the group’s most radical transformation to date and was created in response to the ever-increasing expectations of business and leisure customers.

This new design was created on the success of the group’s chic economy hotel format, TravelodgePLUS. In response to consumer insight, Travelodge’s interiors team has revamped its core product with a new luxury design that includes all the low-cost savings you’ve come to expect from Travelodge, but with the added benefit of a thoughtful and elegant design and warm touches in all its interiors. .

The group intends to roll out its new economy luxury design across its UK estate and has launched the program with a multi-million pound investment to upgrade 60 hotels this year in popular business and holiday destinations across the UK.

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