PM Modi avoids attacking CM KCR, promises Telangana development

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday claimed members of the BJP’s Telangana dual-powered government but avoided attacking Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao and the Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) government.

Addressing a massive public meeting at Parade Grounds, he expressed his confidence that the BJP will come to power in Telangana.

He has, however, surprisingly avoided criticizing KCR or his government. As the public meeting took place a day after KCR launched a bitter attack on Modi and challenged him to answer their questions, the prime minister was expected to give a strong response.

Speaking at a meeting hosted by TRS on Saturday to welcome combined opposition party presidential candidate Yashwant Sinha, the KCR had criticized Modi for ‘killing democracy’ and ‘acting like a dictator’ .

Unlike in the past, when Modi leaned heavily on KCR for family rule and appeasement policy, this time he made no mention of the chief minister or the TRS.

Instead, he focused on listing the steps taken by the central government over the past eight years for the development of Telangana and what the BJP would do if elected to power in the state.

“When the BJP forms a dual-engineered government in Telangana, every city and village will experience rapid development. We must combine everything with positivity and development. We must accelerate development and take Telangana to new heights,” he said. said.

The public meeting held at the end of the two-day BJP national executive received a huge response with thousands of people from various parts of the state converging on Parade Grounds.

Union Ministers Amit Shah and Piyush Goyal, BJP National Chairman JP Nadda, Bandi Party Chairman Sanjay Kumar were the other speakers.

Several central ministers, chief ministers of BJP-led states and many senior party leaders were present.

In his speech, Modi claimed that the support of the Telangana people for the BJP had grown since the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, when the party won four seats.

“States with BJP dual-engine governments are witnessing rapid development and growing confidence. The people of Telangana have the same aspiration. They have woken up and are paving the way for a dual-engine government,” he said. declared.

Stating that the overall development of Telangana is among the top priorities of the BJP, the Prime Minister said his government is continuously working for the development of the state.

He said that over the past eight years, his government has been trying to bring change to every citizen’s life and the benefits of development have reached the people.

“Those who have remained backward and destitute for decades have been partners in development. The poor, the Dalits, the oppressed, the backward and the tribals all feel that the BJP government responds to their needs and aspirations” , did he declare.

He claimed that the benefits of the central government projects reach all sections of the people of Telangana. He spoke about the aid provided during the Covid pandemic, including free vaccines, free rations and free medical care for the poor.

Modi said his government was making a sincere effort to turn women’s power into national power. He told the town hall meeting that surveys show that women’s partnership has increased in money deposited in banks.

He pointed out that out of 45 crore of Jan Dhan bank accounts opened in the country, Telangana accounted for one crore. He said that 55% of bank accounts belong to women.

“Two-thirds of Mudra loans have been given to women. Under Standup India, 80% of loans have been given to women.”

Talking about Telangana’s strengths in research and innovation, he said the work done here for the Covid vaccine and other equipment during the pandemic has saved millions of lives.

Earlier, Amit Shah during his speech criticized KCR and TRS for the family rule and called on the people to overthrow the TRS government and give the BJP a chance. He alleged that KCR only cared about making his son the chief minister.

He reiterated that the leadership of the TRS car was in the hands of MIM leader Asaduddin Owaisi.

He also alleged that KCR reneged on its promise to officially celebrate Telangana’s liberation day due to pressure from Owaisi.

Shah said that KCR did not go to the State Secretariat because a tantrik told him that if he went to the Secretariat he would lose the government.

Stating that the BJP-led states are seeing rapid progress, he said Telangana is backsliding.

BJP Chairman Nadda alleged that KCR was using undemocratic means to suppress the opposition. He predicted that the BJP will definitely come to power in the state.

The BJP leader also remarked that the Kaleshwaram irrigation project has become an ATM for KCR as it inflated the cost of the project from Rs 32,000 to Rs 132,000 crore. He alleged that due to TRS government corruption, Telangana’s debts amounted to Rs 4 lakh crore.



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