Holberton School, Jigsaw Academy Launches Full Stack Development PG Certificate Course

US-based Holberton School has partnered with India’s Jigsaw Academy to launch a full stack development certification course in India. As part of this partnership, Indian students will receive postgraduate (PG) certification in comprehensive development under the program. This course is ideal for new graduates and early career professionals.

With its OS education offering, Holberton will provide the projects, platform, tools and services necessary for the training objective while Jigsaw will be responsible for delivering the programs from the Holberton platform and will provide also mentorship support to students enrolled in the program, the institute informed in its press release.

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The online course includes a 10 hour per week learning program, which will be taught by industry mentors. In addition, the nine-month Full Stack Development Program will offer weekend instructor-led online training in full stack Java technologies and a capstone project, the press release added.

Speaking on the occasion, Julien Barbier, Founder and CEO of Holberton, said, “We are truly honored to work with Jigsaw Academy to establish the best global standards for the PG certificate program. The initiative will help provide students and faculty members with global exposure.

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Julien further added that this course will prepare Indian students to meet the challenges of the world of tomorrow. “To achieve this, we are focusing on training the current workforce and equipping today’s pragmatic young people with the skills to become self-reliant,” he added. Those interested in the certification course can take it online and visit the Holberton or Jigsaw Academy website to check details and register for the course.

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