Hitachi ADMUSTER now offers AM metal powders and develops

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Hitachi Metal has extended its service offering, under Hitachi “ADMUSTER”, to include the development of additive manufacturing metal powders with a wide range of properties – ranging from high strength to high melting point, and including highly resistant materials to corrosion for chemical plants and semiconductor fields.

Hitachi’s main metal powders for AM include corrosion-resistant materials such as ADMUSTER-C00P, ADMUSTER-C21P and ADMUSTER-C574P, and high-strength materials such as ADMUSTER-W285P and the ADMUSTER-W350P.

ADMUSTER-C00P powder is made of multi-component alloys that are difficult to produce by melting and can be applied to structural parts by AM. High strength and corrosion resistance can be achieved through multi-component nanoprecipitate. Strength/hardness and ductility can be adjusted by tempering the process.

ADMUSTER-C21P powder is a nickel-based alloy, with high corrosion resistance and good experience in a wide range of environments, when applied by metal AM. It has the same corrosion resistance as C21P forging and rolling and achieves higher mechanical strength through AM technology.

ADMUSTER-C574P powder is a hard particle dispersion strengthened chromium based alloy with excellent corrosion resistance and anti-sediment wear resistance. It achieves this corrosion resistance by increasing the concentration of chromium.

ADMUSTER-W285P powder is a low cobalt maraging steel powder, with the same strength as general maraging steel – even with a cobalt content of 1% or less (and therefore exempt from control under the Class 2 controlled chemical substance in Japan) and is easy to handle when used for AM.

ADMUSTER-W350P powder has increased mechanical strength based on maraging steel by titanium precipitation hardening. This can help extend mold/die life and can be applied to motorsport components that require greater strength.

According to Hitachi, the company can also manufacture custom metal powders, which do not exist on the market, according to customer requirements and supply the powders in small quantities.

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