Guidelines for the Delivery of Training and Development

Once you’ve gained a better idea of ​​your initial training needs, it’s time to examine those needs in more detail. We’ve created a training development template to help you with this process. It asks you the most important questions to consider before starting training development.

Make a copy of the template and fill it out. The model asks you to think about the following questions:

  1. Impact: what is the impact of the training?

  2. Users and use cases: who will benefit from the requested training and in what way will he be able to perform better than before the training?

  3. Target learning outcomes: what should the trainees remember, understand, be able to apply after the training?

  4. Learning path: Is the training part of a larger program?

  5. Training resources:

    • Existing training resources: what resources are already available? If previous training material is available, can it be remixed or used as a reference for training to be developed?

    • New training resources: what new resources will need to be produced and how will they be used to deliver the training?

  6. Timeline and actions: Are there specific events or timeframes when the training should be delivered? And if so, what would the planning look like to go through the different stages of development?

  7. Contact information: who is involved in the development process and who will be the contact person for future updates?

Once you have completed the template, ask a colleague to review it. If you are developing training with Europeana, check if the training matches the resources and training already in place.

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