County providing assistance to the health care program for the indigent

LAREDO, Texas. (KGNS) – With medical services in high demand due to the ongoing pandemic, a program helps hundreds of residents of Webb County each year.

One county program that is in greatest demand is its Health Care Program for the Indigent.

Even though Griselda Reyes is not part of the Indigent Program, she says she sees a high demand for medical services, especially in an underserved community.

The Indigent Program helps approximately 1,000 people in Webb County each year.

Deputy director of public health services, Norma Prado Penalosa, says the program offers a wide variety of services.

Penalosa says Webb County has a program where they don’t provide the services directly, but they do provide coverage so these patients can see our doctor if they have any pending hospital bills they need or need. ‘they need future procedures such as chemotherapy or radiation, labs, ex-rays, drugs.

In addition to helping people find medical care, the program also offers financial assistance to those who qualify for the Indigent Program.

She says half of the people under this program live in cities and other rural communities.

“Even though it’s not provided, Prado says if people need to see their doctor, they can phone them and they’ll get all the information they need from the doctor. “

Prado says they understand that it can be difficult for community members to come to see a doctor.

Webb County Commissioner for Ward Two, Wawi Tijerina, says this program is a great opportunity for people living outside Laredo to apply.

Tijerina says, “Our indigent program as well as other partners come to the facility to help, even these partners come to visit the facility’s centers and provide vaccines to provide any source of medicine that people may have. need. But the health program for the needy is perfect because it caters to the needy and helps a lot of people in need.

Public health officials say the program can help the 85,000 people living in Webb County who do not have medical insurance.

If you think you qualify for this program, you can call 956-523-4747.

You can contact the Webb County Public Health Services office.

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