BOC Sciences launches custom API development and manufacturing services for large-scale projects

Whether it’s small amounts of API for early development work or several kilograms for a late phase trial, BOC Sciences, with a reputation built on excellence in chemistry, can raise the bar for quality.

New York, United States – August 4, 2022 – At BOC Sciences, non-GMP and GMP API manufacturing is available to solve all API development challenges. Its production capabilities range from pilot scale to commercial scale, offering a multitude of material options for preclinical, IND and early clinical trials.

It is publicly noted that large-scale production conditions are more complex than small-scale ones. And after the pilot scale-up, when entering the commercial production stage, many BOC Sciences peers indeed encounter problems caused by the amplification effect. Fortunately, BOC Sciences has found a way to handle this problem by optimizing technologies and scaling processes.

As with biotechnology companies, an advanced and comprehensive infrastructure underpins all R&D activities. BOC Sciences, after years of improvement, is well prepared in this regard. Its production workshops have a total area of ​​more than 6000 square feet, with a series of reactors ranging from 50L to 2000L and several production lines for pharmaceutical products (DP).

Beyond the above capabilities, BOC Sciences has a set of well-designed facilities to control contamination:

* The scientific and flexible design of the flow line can greatly reduce cross-contamination in the manufacturing process and meanwhile meet the requirements of API custom development and manufacturing.

* Three-stage filtration systems are installed in the clean room area while air showers are installed at the entrance. Separate supply air, return air and exhaust systems are used in different clean rooms to inhibit or minimize the possibility of contamination.

Currently, with mature chemical synthesis technologies and state-of-the-art infrastructure, BOC Sciences’ comprehensive platforms are expanding to develop high-powered APIs (HPAPIs). HPAPIs are an important part of small molecule drug development and have validated curative effects in cancer and many other diseases. “We are now proficient in rapidly performing large-scale production of HPAPIs, which is an important breakthrough driving our future innovation,” said BOC Sciences Chief Technician.

BOC Sciences is currently moving closer to its destination of becoming a respected CDMO. ADCs, APIs and intermediates, tagged compounds, lipids, etc., most molecules can be customized in pioneering R&D labs and GMP compliant production lines. It supports a variety of cooperation models, indicating that customers can finally achieve satisfactory results if they partner with BOC Sciences.


BOC Sciences can provide non-GMP/GMP compliant and commercial scale pilot solutions to meet customer API requests. As a global leader in chemical manufacturing solutions, BOC Sciences has experienced employees, large-scale production facilities and state-of-the-art equipment, which can deliver excellent results and quality assurance for projects large scope.

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